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‘Andrea's cellulite has improved by 45%, she has lost half a stone in weight, her bottom is tighter and lifted...’
Robbie Williams Biography - Feel
Vacunaut....Rob swears by it. Most days he appears in his suit, like an eccentric spaceman....’

The world’s premier figure shaping studio for clients of any age, sex or fitness level who want to improve their figure without surgery.

Combining specialised equipment with one-on-one support and nutritional advice perfect figure allows you to target fat reduction from the parts of the body that you most desire. Concentrated fat burn from the stomach and waist or the hips, thighs and buttocks plus the reduction of cellulite is our areas of expertise.

Using non invasive treatments including the Hypoxi and Vacunaut machines, both hailed in UK press as an alternative to liposuction and a tummy tuck, perfect figure is a results driven concept combining first class technology and expertise to achieve dramatic results.

Perfect figure allows you to actually change your shape from the figure that you are born with to the one you have always dreamed you’d have.

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